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  St. Volodymyr the Great
Ukrainian Catholic Church

 Welcome to our Church

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Hours of Masses


Sundays - 10 AM  Ukrainian

1130 AM  English

Daily - 9:00 AM


4 Cottage Place
Utica, NY 13502


296 Genesee St
Utica, NY 13502


Before Divine Liturgy

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Welcome to the website of St. Volodymyr the Great Ukrainian Catholic Church, Utica, NY. Here you'll find information regarding our church, its history, and upcoming events. Please feel free to also visit our Facebook site available through the link on the bottom of this page where you'll find up to date information about church events.

It has been quite some time since our last update, but our church continues to be active and vibrant especially when it comes to helping those affected by the war in Ukraine or offering a new home to those who are trying to escape those horrors. The number of new Ukrainian immigrants who are coming to join our parish continues to grow, but at a much slower pace. They all have become a welcome part of our parish and are active participants in all parish activities and fund raising.

Our  annual church festival in October 2023 was very successful and enjoyed by all who attended. We did the best we could to showcase the Ukrainian culture to all who attended through music, dance and of course our wonderful food. And throughout, all of our thoughts were with our brethren in Ukraine. All proceeds from the festival were used to help those in need in Ukraine.

The Christmas and Easter holidays were celebrated for the first time in our parish’s history according to the Gregorian calendar in concert with Ukraine and most of the world. The change was made to separate us from the Russian church which has been complicit in supporting the Russian government’s heinous aggression in Ukraine and on the Ukrainian churches.  It took a little getting used to, but it is the celebration of these important church events not the date that counts.

We continue to make pierogi and cabbage rolls every Thursday at 4 pm in the church hall for sale on Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm. Our group of volunteers have become experts in making them and we consider them to be the best in town. All proceeds go to help those in Ukraine. Pre-orders may be made online on this webpage or by phone at 315-223-1508.

We continue to collect monetary donations to be used to help those affected by the unnecessary war inflicted upon Ukraine by the Russian government. For those who wish to make a monetary donation to help those in need in Ukraine through our church, we will accept cash or checks made out to "Ukrainian Catholic Church". Please send checks to:
        St. Volodymyr Church
        296 Genesee St
        Utica, NY 13502
If you are unable to help monetarily, please hold Ukraine in your prayers and ask the Lord God Almighty to deliver Ukraine from the clutches of this evil nation.

May the grace of Jesus Christ be upon all of you and bring prosperity, love, good health and joy to us all. And may God bless and protect Ukraine and help it overcome the evil that has invaded it and return peace and prosperity to the land.

Join us in worship. Daily mass times can be found on the bulletin page accessible in the link above. Our Sunday liturgies continue with a Ukrainian high mass at 10 am and in English at 11:30 am.

God bless all of you and once again thank you for your support of Ukraine and our church. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes.

Pastor - Very Reverend Michael Bundz
Trustees - Zynowij Jackiw & John Kosar

Our History

In 1950, a group of Ukrainian immigrants who settled in the Utica, NY area met with Rev. Savyn Durbak and decided to form a new parish


Please hold Ukraine in your prayers and ask the Lord God Almighty to deliver Ukraine from the clutches of this evil nation. If you'd like to help...

Support Ukraine

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Pierogi Sale

Pierogi Sales Friday 10 AM

Potato pierogi $10/dozen
Cabbage pierogi $11/dozen
Cabbage rolls $5 each


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